Do we need a specific Category on the Forum just for Skills?

Hi everyone, I’d like to get your thoughts and feedback on this suggestion - we have Categories in the Forum for support and for various hardware devices like Picroft. Do we need a Category for Skill support - for example where the hardware is working fine, but assistance is needed with a particular Skill? Over time we might need sub-categories for specific Skills as well I would imagine.

Best, Kathy


I think this would be a welcome addition. I do find the forum a bit fragmented. Recommend a sticky at the top of the Category with the skills documentation and important links.
A couple links that I have found helpful from @Jarbas_Ai that deserve a sticky in addition to your documentation.

I think this would be useful for the node-red skill since it’s a complete development environment…

I could imagine discussions about node-red and people sharing node-red flows/skills.

I’m not sure how to approach it but a low friction vetting process for shared flows might be needed.

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@pcwii @mycroft thank you both for your feedback, much appreciated.
I’m going to go ahead and create a Skill Support category under Support, and then we can create additional sub-categories if needed for specific Skills.