Disabling and enabling skills from my skill

Is there a way to disable and enable a skill from my skill?

Thank You

Search the previous threads for blacklisting.

Are you having issues with clashing intents? Or are you trying to intentional enable/disable other skills?

look up . you can enable and disable skills or just remove intents https://mycroft-ai.gitbook.io/docs/mycroft-technologies/mycroft-core/message-bus

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I searched for a question like this and didnt find.
Im having a problem with clashing intents but i found a way to solve this by enabling/disabling skills.

What skill is it? it is not possible to find another solution. Shutting down is a hard step. Just try to switch off the intention and then you can pass on errors

For sure gras64 is correct. If it’s just clashing intents better to handle that now instead of trying to do a potential unwelcome workaround.

What do you mean switch off the intention?

Can you please explain what you me by switch off the intention?

In the link that was posted above, there’s two items you should look into using:

|`mycroft.skill.disable_intent`|`{"intent_name": "name"}`||mycroft/skills/core.py|Disable intent|||
|`mycroft.skill.enable_intent`|`{"intent_name": "name"}`||mycroft/skills/core.py|Enable disabled intent|