Development Model

Looking at the different github repositories of all the different aspects of the software stack, I have to say; The development / branching model is a bit messy.

This also clearly is visible in the forum with requests of different skills that now do not work because of python 3 and the default branch being a “dev” branch.

Perhaps the project manager can have a look at the following article, although it is a rather old one. The model itself is still very good.

The default branch is “master”, and is basically containing the tagged versions of the releases.
The development branch is where most work is done.
If for some reason a critical bug is found, a “hotfix” branch can be splitted from master. And the fix can be developed against the latest stable and released fast without introducing new bugs etc.
That hotfix then also get merged with the development branh.

All bugs/issues/features can be developed in seperate branches/PR’s (Although this step is already done looking at all the recent commits.

Anyhow, just my feedback as a hobby developer. Up to you ofcourse, however it might help getting support requests and stuff down as new users will always grab the latest stable version instead of some in between version. (if you know what I mean)

Hang on! Now master reflects indeed the tagged releases. (Or it already did and I am just blind…)

Hmmm, again I am a bit late to the party. See enough bugfix and release branches. So perhaps only setting the default branch back to master, will be sufficient.

(Although, I would use master only for mayor releases and create a releases branch for all the minor releases stage where we are in right now)

Anyhow: Just ignore me :wink:

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Not at all @j1nx, we really appreciate feedback on our development processes and practices - our view is that more eyes and more feedback helps us to be better at what we do.