Development environment for skills

I was wondering if is there a way to debug skills.

I already saw the documentation about creating skills but my question is if there is a method to confitgure VSCode or PyCharm to do a step-by-step debug to let me understand and correct failing skills.

I use pycharm connected to my github account. I then have a few ssh connections to mycroft, 1st with a tails log to monitor what is happening and a second with msm update to pull my changes made in pycharm/github and a third with the mycroft cli to type “spoken” commands.

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So, if I understood correctly, it seems there is no way to use breakpoints and do a step-by-step debug like we do on the mycroft-core with the unit tests, isn’t it?

Andlo was having some success with his THEIA IDE Skill. Not sure where he got up to, but might be worth looking at

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Thank you @gez-mycroft, so definitively, there is no straight forward way to debug skills as I’m looking for.

I’ll try THEIA IDE then, but if it can be done with THEIA, can be done with vscode.

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