Developing With An LCD screen (Mycroft II)

Hi There,

Apologies again for the noob question. I know MkII DEV kits are sold out but I would like to develop an app that uses the screen as well. I see that I can do it as a KDE window. My question is - is there a how to article or devnote that shows how a Raspberry Pi + Mycroft + Small LCD screen could be set up to do dev work on? The search did not yield anything remotely related.

Thank you in advance.


There seem to be some more dev kits being made available Mark II Update - January 2021 - #18 by gez-mycroft

But if you already have a Raspberry Pi 4 + LCD Screen you could try out tho the latest image is in a pre development state

Skills on the Mark 2 do not have their own window but run inside mycroft-gui GitHub - MycroftAI/mycroft-gui: The Graphical User Interface used by the Mycroft Mark II and more, Skills consist of a QML UI with all the skill logic from the Python skill, Mycroft-gui along with Mycroft-core can also be installed on any latest Linux distribution if one want to develop on any system, you can read more about developing your own skills with a UI here Displaying information - Mycroft AI


Hey Surj - if you’re after a Mark II Dev Kit head to: