Dev Sync 2020-08-18

Same day posting!!! We’re getting better at this :slight_smile:

  • 0:00 Proposed Status/Watchdog Service
  • 9:45 Mycroft-core v20.08 release discussion
  • 13:55 Changes bumped to 20.08.1
  • 17:35 Mycroft-core v21.02 desired changes started
  • 19:20 Wakeword Schema changes
  • 42:00 Mycroft Snap package
  • 52:52 Josh - Why we don’t want a battery.
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Their patent is bogus. :wink: Even if you can’t say it, anyone with any level of technical knowledge can see that.

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@gez-mycroft Is that document already available somewhere? As I see myself as the origin of that systemd/watchdog request, I would like to write out my view, thoughts, etc about the topic. Explaining it more.

What I could read on the screen, I would say; What “I want” is basically the same as “Mycroft A.I. dev team wants”.

I can typre out the different aspects of all the statuses. What they are for and how they could be used, basically creating that so called “supervisor” by completely rely on the Linux kernel, OS/systemd and even the hardware itself making it very robust as end consumer device.

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Thanks for the nudge j1nx. For speed and ease, here is the high level overview Chris put forward. Would be great to get your thoughts on it and what this service might look like:

The status/watchdog service would be a new systemd service running on devices that run Mycroft core. The functionality of this service could include, but would not be limited to:

  • Monitoring various aspects of the health of each core service (is service running, healthy, ready, etc.).
  • Heartbeats could be emitted from each service, or the new service could check the pulse of each service on regular intervals.
  • Actions could be taken if a service becomes unhealthy, such as attempting to restart a crashed service.
  • Specific checks, such as the existing microphone watchdog, could be included in this service.
  • Responsible for restarting services on a daily basis.
  • If a user opts in to data sharing, information about exceptions or crashes could be sent to Mycroft for diagnostic purposes.

The current ProcessStatus PR is here if you haven’t seen that: Improve readiness check for all services by krisgesling · Pull Request #2648 · MycroftAI/mycroft-core · GitHub
To be clear, this PR is not intended to achieve all of the above.