Desktop scenarii

Hi folks,

Desktop Integration in on the way. Time to think about scenarii cases for our Mycroft client:

Don’t hesitate to share your scenarii :wink:

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1) A system always up-do-date with voice control

Often, Ubuntu told me that there’s updates available for my system. I could click on “Ok install it” but I have to type my password and it takes some times to load… so I use the command line

I’m lazy so I use an alias, but I would like to type nothing.

So in this scenario, Mycroft could alert me that there’s several update available, and then I would like to told him to upgrade my system,

With an app account well configured on sudoers file, it could upgrade my system by himself.

- Requirement:

Command have to use a way to identify the machine. Could be based on $HOSTNAME or alias

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Bear in mind that there’s potential complexity here for anyone with more than one computer; obviously one solution is throwing the machine name into any command (Mycroft, load LibreOffice Draw on the machine named wopr), but that’s potentially a bit confusing, especially for machines without pronounceable names (or those called Stuart-Langridges-computer.)

Well we’re talking about desktop integration here. But the Mycroft devices has to understand for who the message is adressed. Having the $HOSTNAME in the command could help to know which Mycroft has to respond

So is this going to be a web interface where we can customize commands?

Yes, we are working to have a web interface and apps on Linux Desktop/Phones, Android, and iOS for this customization.

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I’m curious as to how Mycroft might be implemented on the desktop and phone. Will you be able to use your PC/phone as if they were actual Mycroft units?

So for example, say I wanted to talk to other Mycroft units in different rooms, or asked Mycroft from the PC to start playing Firefly on Netflix (via Chromecast); will it all be seamless, or is Mycroft for desktop/phone a completely separate thing?

Another example: I’m downstairs watching TV, and my PC is still on. Could I potentially use Mycroft on my phone to launch applications or even safely shut it down from downstairs? That’d be neat!

Sorry if it’s a silly question, still trying to wrap my head around what Mycroft might be capable of :grinning:

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Mycroft desktop/phone will be capable of what Mycroft units are capable of (I don’t see why this wouldn’t be the case). But it will also have skills that apply to controlling your PC or phone. (such as manipulating media, launching applications, etc).


2) Managing SVN/git/bazaar with voice control

- Story:

Imagine, you’re working on your code in your favorite IDE and you want to commit it. With Mycroft you could just say:

"Mycroft, commit $(the file you want to commit) on $(this repo|project)"

Or before starting to code on one of your project, ask Mycroft to update your SVN. Be effective, don’t kill your creativity or productivity with administrative task

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I saw a video where in an ubuntu phone a vocal command was used to apply an effect (sepia) to a photo…it was only a simulation but I think would be great if it will be possible to call the menu options on every running application/program plus a set of vocal command always working (eg.something like “open” for launching app/program, “call”, “message to”, “mail to” a contact “search”, “set quite” on the phone/option etc)…much easier than a finger gesture/selection :wink:


I’ll open a Ubuntuphone scenarii topic later as the same model as this topic. Maybe saturday. You’re welcome to give all your idea on it :smiley:


my draft proposals:
– save desktop screenshots (similar to make make notes, etc)
– power management (something like: will be back in 15 minutes – not leaving home, but afk)
– window manager commands (for example: fullscreen firefox or my-predefined-layout for :blush:

@aa13q qtile looks awesome, btw. I could see Mycroft managing that okay. By the way, what are you running qtile on? Looks like the PPA only supports up to 14.10.

@ryanleesipes, I’m using archlinux, so no problem with the repo support:
But this is just an example, I don’t think qtile is popular enough (so a can try to implement qtile support later by myself, when fundamental mycroft part will be avaliable and more or less ready), guess it makes sense to focus on popular kde and unity window management first of all.