Depricated warning


I’ve pretty much got pricroft working the way it should. my issue is that I’m getting a depricated file location warning


You still have a config file at /home/pi/.mycroft/mycroft.conf
Note that this location is deprecated and will not be used in the future
Please move it to /home/pi/.config/mycroft
2023-03-10 15:18:34.356 | WARNING | 1207 | mycroft.configuration.config:_log_old_location_deprecation:186 |

I’m a novice with linux, and work best by copy and pasting so I don’t wreck things. I believe I successfully moved the file as instructed, but it still resides in is old directory. Do I need to delete this?
Is there a command line prompt that I can copy that will do this so I don’t botch this?

Also, there are files in the old directory, should they stay there?

Thanks so much


Unfortunately, one could argue there is a “deprecation warning” for all of mycroft-core. :grimacing: If you search the forum for posts from Michael Lewis, the CEO, you will read that Mycroft is effectively bankrupt. It’s not clear that anyone will be able to support the mycroft-core code base.

The good news is that there are two active development streams that (as I understand it) have been forked from mycroft-core (the latter being built on top of the former) - check out Open Voice OS - and Neon AI -

-Mike Mac

Mike is right, picroft and mycroft are all but dead. But to answer your question, yes, move the file to ~/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf and delete the other. That warning should go away. Just to note, there may also be a warning about log files in the wrong directory. You can do the same process with those, but depending on your software, it may recreate them.