Delivery update?

Hello last I hear was from a post August 20 or so… it said we will get our devices deliver by end of September… well end of september is here… I really can’t wait so I can start writing some cool stuff(skills) for it.


Hi Mycroft team, could you please give us a date of delivery?

As of this morning they released update #33 which talks about the shipping progress.
(Are we allowed to link here?)

is there any way to get my money back? if is going to take 2 months I rather use it to pay rent/bills and then when it comes out I will just purchase it directly.

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Hi Mycroft team, you told us last time that it would take 8 weeks before you can start shipping, could you please update us with that. thanks in advance.

2 months on from this thread and it’s been largely ignored. No sign of delivery. Will it ever happen? I’m beginning to wonder

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Hey what Paul said it’s true, please Mycroft team you should tell us what’s going on, you should be honest, we’ve been waiting a lot for this product; we understand your situation, so please be honest and keep us posted about this situation.

Thanks in advance!

yeah same thing!!! I am pissed off, no updates, nothing… can’t even get my money back :frowning:

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Hey, folks. I realized I didn’t respond directly to this thread when I’ve posted updates in the past. We’ve been putting blog posts here and posting updates on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns at least once a month.

I’m working on this month’s update today and will be sure to post a link to it here. Again, my apologies if it felt like we were ignoring you!

My update blog post is up now:

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Seriously, though. Is Christmas out of the question? Presidents’ day? St. Patty’s day?

I would like to see more regular updates regarding the status. It really doesn’t need to be much just a small update like “Hey we ran into a bump and we think it could take x weeks to resolve and y still needs to be done”.

yeah I agree, like the updates are VERY vague, you should have delivery updates to those that have contributed, not just regular the whole world in the blog updates… we deserve a bit more of attention than people that has not contributed in any way… I was hopping for a Christmas toy, but I guess that is not going to happen

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very disappointed , it is now over 4 months later from the estimated Aug shipping date. and from the update, you still have not even finalized the production run and we have no idea when we will be receiving them. I ordered these to be a b-day present, with a good 2 months of extra time to accommodate any misfortunes and now it does not even seem like we will have them this year.

Did you receive the first 10 run’s? Were they accepted ? Going to full scale production. I understand that you are trying to figure out things but having unsatisfied customers / backers is worse.

I’m a backer and I’m satisfied :slight_smile: . Just chill and keep an eye on the slack channel. Things are moving a lot on it :wink:

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why should we use a “closed source” channel? I am not using slack, mattermost is open and that’s a better job… slack defeats the purpose of the whole project, as the same excuse one can say, please give me my money back so I can buy a closed source one like, the amazon or google ones… !!! if we put money on this is for a “reason” and I am not going to support free software in one side and fuck free software in the other using slack… period

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Wow, Dude, you grumble for everything O.o.

Are you kidding @DarkSide ?
We are waiting for month and having no news, no mycroft at home. You may have one, you’re happy, great.
But many of us are waiting for more than 3 month.
I hope you can easily understand that we are disapointed.
Do anyone from staff can told us if we’ll received it one day? I read that : «
. The new backend we have been quietly building is emerging from beta, making the configuration and management of you devices simple. »
New backend and no new from the firt one? Yep, disapointed

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What are you talking about ? No news ? Are you living in a cave ? News are everywhere : blogs, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, e-mail, Slack, Github… When will you be acting like adult, stopping grumbling and opening your eyes ?

And if you want Mycroft right now, you can. Just download the source here : , that’s what I did.

So, just trust the team and stop being toxic :wink: You will have your Mycroft :slight_smile: .

Peace and Happy Festive Season :tada:

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I backed them for 5 units and am really considering the refund option at this point. They have horrible communication skills when it comes to the backers. My complaint is with the lack of communication and no I don’t want to join the Slack, or read over there Github. The updates should be available on this site not Slack. I backed Mycroft because it was an open source alternative to Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft’s offering and they have not been very open with there backers about how things are going. Just to be clear I’m not upset with them because of how late the units are, just because they keep us in the dark about things.

The most recent blog is about the shipping update is what I want to see more often even if its not as detailed.

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