Default "catch all" for Conversational Contexts

I’m attempting to write a new skill that makes use of a series of conversational contexts to gather information during an interaction with the user.

When Mycroft doesn’t quite understand an answer, it’s bailing out of the entire interaction, and I have to start again. Is there a way to catch a statement that’s not understood, restate the question, and continue on from that point?

The Conversational Context page in the wiki uses ordering tea as an example. What I would like, is that if the answer for “Would you like milk?” isn’t understood, to return to that question until I get a valid answer, or an explicit command to exit the interaction.

Great question. I’m going to default to my colleague Steve here, but I’m deliberately not tagging him because he’s had a big week with the 18.08 release and is resting. I’ll flag this with him early next week :wink:

use the get_response method