Debug CLI stability

Hi. I thought it worthy of a report on an observation I have with the Debug CLI. First I am running Mycroft on a PC running Ubuntu 16.04.02. The PC is running something like 3.5GHz on an AMD A10 processor so its got a lot of grunt. The issue I have seen is if the Debug CLI is up, on a terminal running full window, then the display occasionally, and randomly breaks up and repaints in many random ways. Everything appears to still work okay, its just the display. I have Folding@Home running at low power, but stopping that makes no difference. Its not really an issue to me but worth a mentions if a bugglet is roaming about somewhere.

While on here I can make a light hearted report of total confusion, when I showed my daughter a YouTube clip of the Mark 1 unit and its interactive LED face. The author was making requests to the unit. “Hey Mycroft”, which came over my PC speaker system, heard by my PC Mic, upon which my Mycroft then chirped as the Mark 1 on the video chirped, then also proceeded to answer the question asked in the video. “What the …?”.:joy:

Thanks @Darmain, any chance of a screenshot?

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Hi Kathy,

Easily done.

Here is what it should look like. Now without touching anything, other than the Print screen key, plus a couple of minutes of patience, this is what I caught when it glitches.

Its all random, many different presentations. I have also had a state where when I have CTRL-C out of the CLI, the terminal behind is now totally messed up and has to be killed off.

That information was super helpful, @Darmain. I tried to replicate this on;

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • On my Oryx-Pro, which is quite beefy admittedly
  • Using the same sequence - run the ./ deb, press Prt Scr and wait 2 minutes. Unfortunately it just keep working!

Can you give me any more details about the Shell you’re using, or any Terminal settings you might?

Best, Kathy

Hello Kathy,

I have Ubuntu desktop at version 16.04.03. The terminal is the bulk standard terminal, BASH. HTOP reports this running under the gnome terminal service. I have no terminal setting changes, other than the color of the text and background.

A bit of history. I first installed Mycroft on this PC and, if memory serves it couldn’t find the microphone. Actually it was pretty obvious as it wasn’t plugged in, but I was rather expecting it to find the analogue resource of the sound card, even if it was silent. Anyway, the reason to mention this is that I first attacked this problem by reinstalling Mycroft. It was then that the CLI started glitching.

More recently I attempted again to address this. I read that one of the most common reasons was due to a problem with the python virtual environment. The advise was to delete this virtual environment and re-run the Mycroft installer. The problem here is the virtual environment, if memory servers “/home/user/.virtual/mycroft” isn’t there. I hunted about but still failed to find it. I then spotted that there was a directory “.venv” hidden in the “mycroft-core” directory tree, so I reasoned that was it. So I took a bigger hit and delete the entire “mycroft-core” directory tree and started again with the git cloning. I did not delete the skills though.

So the problem is still there, plus there is another gremlin I have noted. Occasionally the speech breaks up, with a word being replaced with noise, or a burst of static. Again totally random but I half suspect these two issues may have a common root.

I guess the question is did I get the virtual environment during me re-install. If not, where is it?

Sorry if I’ve broken something. :frowning_face:

On a slight distraction. How are you finding 18.04? I have looked at it on a VirtualBox VM but have yet to upgrade my base OS.

Hey @Darmain, great question. It’s been a little bit of a learning curve going to Gnome from Unity - unlike 99% of other Linux users, I quite enjoyed Unity. But I’ve found it very usable, very intuitive, very stable, and importantly, I didn’t seem to have any driver issues on upgrading. Strongly recommend moving to 18.04 :slight_smile:

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Hi @KathyReid, thanks for that. Did you “upgrade” or “fresh install”? Thanks, Dave

This was a fresh install of 18.08