[Danish] working on translating mycrofr-core

I am working on translating mycroft-core to Danish. It is difficult and requere much work, so if someone needs something to do I would be happy to get help.

Sofar I have translated ress and format_da.py adn made tests for that. But missing parse_da.py adn tests for that as well.

I have a picroft running talking and understanding Danish, and do use it for translating skills aswell and test how the translations goes. I can help others o setup Danish on picroft if someone wants/need that. I cant be the only dane having fun with mycroft :slight_smile:

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If I’m not the only Australia, I’m sure you can’t be the only Dane!

I can’t help the Danish translation, but thanks for all the work you do building skills and bringing Mycroft to a broader Danish audience :blush:

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I know there is at least one more dane playing with Mycroft - and his name is Andreas to :slight_smile:

It isnt problems translating so much as program the format and parse stuff. I am looking at how it is done in the _de variant, and did come a long way. But there are some parts that I dont understand, and that has to be done different for Danish language.
So my problems are more like understanding the python code and change it to do what I need/want.

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