Custom Mycroft MessageBus

I was wondering if it was possible to run Mycroft without the default MessageBus, and if its not, is there a way to create your own custom MessageBus to run against the skills service?

paging @JarbasAl because I’m brainfried and it’s harder to explain than it is to use

So, HiveMind significantly upgrades the Message bus to:

  • use multiple devices in ONE Mycroft instance’s message bus (without them interfering)
  • have increased security through encryption (SSL?)

Is that what it does @JarbasAl ?

At the highest, tl;dr-iest level, it behaves like it’s one bus. It isn’t actually one bus.

Furthermore, these can be nested, so that queries which your closest “proper assistant” can’t satisfy can be sent “upstairs.” Think your personal AI, which is connected to your whole PAN and all your personal devices, nested beneath your household’s shared AI, connected to your house’s IoT stuff and so forth. You can access the house Hive from within yours, but not vice versa. That’s the idea.

Proper documentation and better tutorials are forthcoming, but we share our dev team with the alpha-approaching OpenVoiceOS project, and it’s been consuming most of our attention because it’s been consuming most of our testers’ attention, and because it’s so close to alpha.

HiveMind’s design is pretty much done, and, as you can see, a great many components exist as prototypes or prealphas. But the next big chunk of progress has been Coming Soon for a while :frowning: and that’s the one that’ll fulfill its promise. Right now, you can issue instructions to a remote Mycroft device from a thin client. Next time around, it’s halfway to being <name brand redacted :wink:>.