Curious issue MyCroft-GUI

Hi there , wondering if you did some sort of update today that affected mycroft -gui at roughly 3:00pm central time my recipe skill gui changed…



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the issue here is that you have somehow initialized 2 overlapping pages in page 1 and 2 overlapping pages in page 2 and some element in your code is overflowing because how the pages are inserted

okay then where did the unknown red and green back ground come from ???. as that just inserted itself mysteriously … I actually do not mind the background as it universally over all pages if the recipe produce 3 or 4 pages it just stretch the image to accommodate the added pages . if i could insert my own image that would be great… but now the background image disappeared as mysteriously as it showed up… so i would think the overflow is some where in the software and that image is with in it as i have no image like that on my computer

Trying to run your skill to reproduce the issue you are seeing but ending up on the following error when trying to run any query:

File "/opt/mycroft/skills/all-recipes-skill/", line 361, in handle_online_getrecipe
   filepath = open("tmp_recipe","r")                                                            
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'tmp_recipe'

try the newest version that I just uploaded

to download list of recipes off the web

[ITEM or ITEMS] recipe
ie -> “lemon cake recipes”
to stop it from requesting item number say “new search”
to save recipe from web to your favorites say “save recipe”

to view list of locally saved recipes say “my recipes”
to choose recipe say “recipe [RECIPE NAME]”
to email recipe say “email recipe” ( configure email script with your setting)

to save screenshot create folder recipes in your Picture folder

as to your problem couple things either lynx is not installed or your OS is forcing you to manually set the bash scripts to executable in the all-recipe-skill folder ( since it was a tar ball import)