Creating a "Liar" Skill

Hello - I’m an artist living in Philadelphia and I’d love some help creating a skill. I am working on an AI sculpture and I want it to output false information when asked. There’s more to it, conceptually, than this but I want to keep the main idea simple for the community. If anyone is interested in creating a “Liar” skill please let me know. It seems like it could be done relatively easily but I have next to zero experience with coding. You’d be credited for the piece :slight_smile: Thanks!

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That sounds interesting - such a skill would almost make Mycroft sound like a human :wink:

I think such a skill wold be relative simple to make - but what or where should the liars come from ?
If you have a list of questions and the wrong answers a skill could use that to make a lair reply.

A quick search on internet for false facts should bee easy as most of internet is full of it. The problem is to identify false from trueth…

I found some sites having false facts (and no it isnt fox news or transcription of Donald Trumps speaches…)

but no sites providing a API o get some false facts…

It could be made as a skill that you could teach liars and false facts - then have to look into the learning skill which does learn facts from users input. Then one just have to tell the liars to Mycroft so he will learn that.

Getting Mycroft to understand the concept of a lie or the different between truth and false would make some real A.I. and I dont think Mycroft is there yet.

Thanks again for your help - It seems to me there are two types of false information returned: 1. A completely random answer that is inherently false, which could be done with the Crystal Ball skill or 2. (and more complicated) it comes up with a deceptive answer BASED ON the correct answer it would have given… referring to a list of incorrect answers seems like it would be the most complex but maybe that’s closer to real machine learning which I don’t understand at this point

The best I could find with a quick search was generating fake tweets from the persons own history. Not sure that perfectly fits the bill, but it would be interesting too.

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