CPU temperature skill - testing and feedback

Mycroft skill to read the CPU temperature.

This is my first skill. I wrote it as a learning exercise. I tested it with Picroft stable installed on a RaspberryPi3 using a Matrix Voice microphone array. I’m new to Mycroft, Python, Matrix Voice, and Github (i.e. everything) and would welcome feedback. I would also appreciate testing on other platforms.

How to install CPU Temperature Skill

How to test CPU Temperature Skill

  • The temperature unit can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit in the user’s Mycroft account skill settings page.
  • Speak Intent phrase
    Example: What is the cpu temperature
  • Mycroft will read temperature from file /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp and reply.

Skill Pass Criterion

  • Replies with the CPU temperature and user selected temperature unit.

Fail Criteria

  • Skill does not install.
  • Skill does not reply with correct temperature or user selected temperature unit.
  • Skill replies with file not found error.


Feedback can be given on this forum and through issues on Github:



Downloaded and tested it out, it was something I was about to create for myself (glad I checked here haha).
My picroft failed to understand my intent for “What temperature is the CPU”, instead giving me the weather. I tried “How is the processor doing” but the voice recognition failed that (kept thinking I said “how is the process of doing”). When asked for the “processor temperature”, “how is the processor doing”, “what’s the temp of the cpu” it worked flawlessly.
Nifty little skill. Not sure why ‘Temperature of the CPU/Processor’ fails but ‘temp of the CPU/processor temperature’ works. My guess is the word ‘temperature’ coming first is making it go for a weather intent.

Thank you for the testing and feedback!
I will add phrases with the word “temperature” coming first to the dialog file and see if that prevents the weather intent. If that doesn’t work I may have to dive into the weeds of context with Adapt.
I’m not as sure how to fix the “How is the processor doing” phrase. I can see how it is close to “how it the process of doing”. I may simply take the phrase out.

I added phrases with the word “temperature” coming first in the dialog file. In my testing this seems to prevent the weather intent. I would welcome further testing to see if this change consistently prevents the weather intent.


Hello davimk, Your skill works great. I run Mycroft on Intel® Core™ i3-6100 with Ubuntu 19.10. So You can mark x86_64 architecture as working.

I also sended You PR with two commits.

  1. Czech language files

  2. Change intent_file_handler to intent_handler due to depreciaci.

    def intent_file_handler(intent_file):
    “”"Decorator for adding a method as an intent file handler.

    This decorator is deprecated, use intent_handler for the same effect.

    def real_decorator(func):

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Hi Tony763,
Thank you for testing and for the Czech language files! I also appreciate the updated intent handler decorator. I merged your pull request.

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