Council Services : can Mycroft converse like Alexa?

Please see this video from about 29 mins to 35 mins.

I’d like to do the same with Mycroft. I don’t know how but I assume Alexa is just making some kind of Web calls to the council website.
My question is : can Mycroft skills be developed to have the same kind of conversations without saying ‘Hey, Mycroft’ at each step in the interaction?

Hi there @roy, great video and excellent question.

Mycroft certainly does have that capability, provided through a feature called Conversational Context. One example of a Skill that uses this to great effect is the Cave Adventure Skill by @Jarbas_Ai

Here, I’m assuming that the Council Services are provided through some kind of API framework - several of our Skills utilize libraries in Python like requests for working with APIs.

An additional question I’d be asking here is whether the Council is aware that their citizens’ data is going through Amazon’s servers. I’m not sure I’d be entirely comfortable with that! :wink: