Cooking Probe Skill

I’ve just finished coding a CookingProbe skill that works in conjunction with a custom cooking probe that I created using an Adafruit featherm0 and a thermal probe from Amazon. Initially I had the cooking probe posting messages to my mqtt server which I monitored from my notebook computer. The cool part of this setup was that it was able to project fairly accurately the cooking finish time, which gets more accurate as the cooking progresses.

I decided that the ultimate setup would be to create the mycroft skill that monitors probe(s) and tells you how much time is left and when the cooking will be finished.

request: “When can I eat”
response: “The roast beef has 12 minutes to go” “The roast beef will finish at 12 oh 6”

I can make the skill available on github if someone is interested. Of course you’d also have to make the cooking probe. I could put the cooking probe code up as well as a quick and dirty guide to building it.


Excellent! I’d love to see some details about the hardware/probe. strong text


  • Thermopro TP20 replacement cooking probe
  • 3d printed Adafruit feather case
  • Adafruit feather m0
  • Adafruit LiPo battery to fit in the feather case
  • Adafruit sliding on/off switch
  • 3.5mm case mount audio jack
  • Piezo buzzer
  • 100K resistor - BROWN BLACK YELLOW
  • 1K resistor - BROWN BLACK RED
  • probe connections (featherM0):
  • PIN-3V (yellow wire) -> 100K resistor -> (probe resistance: outer/inner) -> GND (black wire)
  •                                     -> PIN-A2 (blue wire)
  • PIN-13 (green wire) -> probe attached sensor
  • Buzzer connections:
  • PIN-BAT (red wire) -> +BUZ
  • 2N2222-C -> -BUZ
  • 2N2222-E -> GND (black wire)
  • PIN-10 (white wire) -> 1K resistor -> 2N2222-B
  • Enable switch (the EN pin is pulled up, ground to turn off):
  • GND (black wire) -> switch -> PIN-EN (black wire)


Basically you have a resistor network which includes the probe and
the arduino code for the feather m0 handles the temp conversion.

I can post the CookingProbe Arduino code if you want a look at that.