Conversational type Skill

Hi everyone !
Recently i tried to use mycroft for a project where one of the main goal is to create a skill that register a meeting in a calendar (not Google).
At the moment all the skills seems to be “command -> action” and my problem is to simulate a conversation between the user and mycroft to set up the meeting. The only use of Yes/No questions brings me future problems of conflicts between skills. So i looked at the core to see if it was possible to get the focus of my own skill during the process and releasing it at the end. I came to a solution but I think there can be easier / prettier way to do it.
I wanted to know if future implementation of mycroft would support this feature then i will just have to update mycroft and my own skills.

i have been documenting and making a stable version of my fork (not ready)

take a look at the docs and see how i solved the conversation thing

check converse, intent_parser and intent_layers

Thank you I will take a look at your work