Controlling my Mark II

I’m thinking in buying a Mark II for my home. That’s the reason why I’m trying in some other tread in the Forum get the Mycroft’s CLI to work in FreeBSD…

A Mark II, how is this to manage (read control) in your home network? Like any other Linux host, i.e. one can access into it with SSH over the Wifi? Thanks for some inside information, as the web pages do say close to nothing about this.


Hi there Matthias,

We’re still finalising the Mark II software stack at the moment. We don’t know yet which operating system it will run on, but it will be some variant of Linux - likely a *-bian distro, we’re just not sure which one yet. The CPU will be a Xilinx type.

It’s very likely it will be accessible via ssh but until the software is confirmed, I don’t want to put information out that might later be proved incorrect.