Controll Phillips hue lights

Hi Everybody

Im a 15 year old student, who wanted to make a Picroft device as a school project. The installation of Picroft worked totally fine on my Raspberry pi 3 model B and picroft responds to me. My goal was to connect my Phillips hue light bulbs with the picroft, so that i can turn the lights off just with my voice. So I installed the Wink IoT skill, downloaded the wink app for my smartphone and connected it with my phillips hue account. Then I went to the mycroft skill settings, and added my Wink account to the wink skill. From the wink app i cant turn my lights on and off with no problem, but when i ask picroft to do so i dont get any answers from it.

Do you actually need a Wink hub to make this work, or what am I doing Wrong?

Any Help is appreciated!!!

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Hi @Legolas_21, Welcome!

You might want to look into the Philips Hue skill:
I’m not sure what the current status of it is/if it will work, but try installing it using the command msm install


hey @Legolas_21 curious if you ended up getting the Wink IoT skill to work in the end? Or if you successfully used the hue skill form Christopher Rogers?

I am setting up mycroft on my Pi 4 now, and i will test the hue skill mentioned above and update here for anyone curious.

Hi @kennette21

I wasn’t able to get the Wink IoT solution working, so i switched to an other project called jarvis, where I wrote two little scrips on my raspi to turn my lamp on and off. By default jarvis is very stupid and you have to train it with your own voice and youre own commands etc.

Greetings Legolas21


Hi @Legolas_21, thanks for sharing your project, it looks really cool. Feel like I see a new open source voice assistant solution every day! It is so encouraging to see so many clever hackers out there :smile:

I also tried to build my own jarvis using Pythons SpeechRecognition and building my own language parser… I soon realized there were many hurdles to overcome and thats when I moved to Mycroft.

I got everything setup on my Pi4 last night, and the Skill worked for me! Some functionality does not work perfectly, so I might be committing some improvements there later on.

Thanks for the info! I am also curious if you are still using your voice assistant regularly?

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