Controll of Nanoleaf Aurora

Hi there,

is it possible to control the Nanoleaf Aurora panels with Mycroft? Telling it to turn on or off the light and maybe even select a light theme?


You’d need to build a skill that implements the Nanoleaves API: GitHub - ceejbot/nanoleaves: CLI and api client for the Nanoleaf Aurora light panels.

It might seem intimidating, but if you’re familar with Python or willing to put in some time I bet you can make it work. Anyone powered by Twinkies is likely to be able to handle it if ( and this is important ) you mix them with Mountain Dew.

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Here’s some documentation to get you started!

Here is a good python wrapper for the nanoleaf API, I can confirm it works well, although I have not created a skill with it yet I have managed to control the lights through python. This wrapper does require python 3.

Thank you all. I hope I will find some time to do it. Let’s see if my old head wraps around Python :smiley:
But looking at my schedule this will take quite some while.

I will try nevertheless.

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