Control4, RTI, URC

Hello all. I am an Home Automation integrator who works with Control4, RTI and URC daily and have made Alexa connections to these systems. I am also a Sonos dealer and work with plenty other network based IoT devices. If anyone has any projects started I would be interested to learn more about. I was able to get a PiCroft up and going but have yet to spend the needed time to learn the API and abilities. Just started last week.

I also work on building and programming Arduino devices that utilize Winc1500 radios to become IoT ready.

My name is James and I live in KC, MO. Looking forward to learning what I can about Mycroft.


Hey there James! How about we go one better and see if we can find a time for you to meet the crew in KC, MO to discuss further? DM me your email address and I’ll get it in motion!

I don’t see any DM options on the forum. james at