Control Mycroft via text

Recently, I have been considering giving in and buying a smart speaker. The only real option is something open source like mycroft.
However, I don’t have much interest in actually speaking to anything. Instead, communicating with the device via text would be preferable. (for a number of reasons)

Has anybody created a way to interact with mycroft via text? Either via IRC, SSH, or something similar?
Just bypass the whole magical cloud for speech to text processing and provide the command straight to mycroft.
I could interact with the device from anywhere and this would have the added benefit of not requiring an internet connection to mycroft’s home servers.

There’s this:

You could connect that setup to another endpoint, depending on what you’re trying for, pipe the response back.

There is an Android app also that works well.

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i use Mqtt to speak to mycroft and to touch screens via esp & wifi connections I like Mqtt as I can have multiple displays transmitting and displaying information at home or anywhere in the world for that mater…


I find talking to my Mycroft annoying or in impractical at times too. I made a panel to interact with Mycroft that runs with python, so it should be multiplatform. Hope it helps!

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There is also already a mycroft cli interface installed as part if the core software running on any mycroft that you can access just by running “mycroft-cli-client” over SSH. It shows status updates about why mycroft is doing and you issue text commands and see the output as text.

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