Contributing italian language

in my (little) spare time I’m experimenting with mycroft in italian (linux environment).
I’ve noticed, for example, that date & time skill have a bad translation (ie: “illustrami”, a literal translation of “show”, but it is a rare used word in speak italian and it meaning is more like “explain”), so I’m trying to correct it in /opt/mycroft/skills/…
Can I send my modification when I think they’re fine (I’ve no experience in skills and utterance)? What’s the best way for doing it?
Thank you

Hi Fabio,

Welcome to the community and great to hear you got Mycroft speaking Italiano.

If you haven’t seen it already check out our Translate platform. This is what we use to translate all of Mycroft’s Skills into a whole range of languages. It then automates the process of pushing these back to the original Skill Author, up to our Marketplace, and finally out to all users.

The specific Skill you’re looking at is here:
So you can add something else as a suggested translation for that term.

Another great space to check out is our Italian Language Channel on Chat.

Hi Fabio, I’m trying to setup Mycroft in Italian but I’m not able to. What procedure have you followed? Have you installed custom speech to text engine?
Gez-mycroft answered me in a picroft topic
suggesting me a configuration. I’m assuming that the same configuration file can work on an Ubuntu PC too. Is this assumption correct? Right now It does not work out of the box. Do I have to install something else?