Contact List Skill

Hi There, this is my contact list skill. I’m just started python and mycroft skills so its need some test and some opinion. Thanks.

It tested on Ubuntu Virtual Server with Turkish Language and Raspbian Server with English Language, its both ok for me, but mycroft-skill-testrunner gave fail result I don’t know why is that.

How to use

  • “Create a contact record”
  • “Add {person} to your contact list”

Getting persons phone number

  • “What is nuri’s phone number”
  • “Serpil’s cell phone number”

How to install Contact List

Where feedback on Contact List should be directed a

Be clear about how feedback on the Skill should be provided, such as through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.


Great idea - and I did a quick look at your skill.

I would recomend either using a simpel python list for the data and save that to file instead of sqlite just to make it simpler.

Or make it more advanced to store and search contacts on users gmail/outlook/icloud contacts and use from there :slight_smile:

I have not installed your skill but I also noticed the sqlite.

import sqlite3

I am not certain if Raspberry pi comes with sqlite3 installed as a default.
At a minimum you may need to add this to the requirements.txt file.

Thank you andlo,

I will try your advanced idea :slight_smile:

thanks pcwii, I will add this immediately.