Connecting via ssh to Raspberry Pi 4 running Buildroot image


I am brand new to this community. I just began building my Raspberry Pi-based OVOS system in the past couple of weeks.
I have been using the Buildroot image to build my own version of the Mycroft/OVOS assistant. I followed the instructions found here:

I have managed to get the OVOS OS system running on a raspberry pi 4, with a small screen, mouse, keyboard, and a Blue Snowball Ice microphone. It works!
It responds to basic commands, such as start timer, shows the time and date, and plays songs. I want to add new skills, though. I have gotten as far as determining that I need to connect to the Raspberry Pi using ssh, but I cannot get this to work. I have been attempting to connect using Ubuntu terminal on my main computer, with “ssh ovos@[Raspberry Pi’s IP Address]”. I then input the password that was given at 

However, this results in ‘access denied’.
I cannot figure out where the password for my Pi is, If I am actually invoking its true name, or if the password is even a thing with the Raspberry pi-based OVOS operating system.
For this reason I cannot load new skills onto my home-brew OVOS-based smart speaker.

tl;dr: I cannot add new skills to OVOS, because I cannot connect with my Pi using ssh, because I cannot find my Pi’s name nor password, I think.

What should I do?


That image is an older version. It is still using the mycroft user.

ssh mycroft@<your-ip-address>
pw: mycroft

Ah. It works now. Thanks!
BTW, the instructions on how to change it to something more secure, found here,

were really confusing. Might be something that folks need to be able to follow easily. :slight_smile: :passport_control:

That is a little confusing. I will try and clean that up soon. Thanks for the feedback.