Connecting to the internet

Hi all,

I’ve just learnt about mycroft not so long ago and I tried to set it up on a Raspi 3b a friend gave me. I’m on the setup screen but I’m having problems connecting it to the Internet and I can’t find any good guides on how to,

I’ve edited the wpa_suplicant.conf as per the documentation states but that hasn’t worked for me

Option 1 in the menu of “Basic WiFi with SSID and password” let’s me type in my ssid but not my password it says “Enter a password: {RESET}” and doesn’t let me type mine in

I don’t have an ethernet cable handy as well so that isn’t an option for me

I’m really stumped as to what to do so any help would is really appreciated, thanks!

Nevermind! I’ve got it connected now but it took some trial and error