Connect to custom database or web service

I am interested in develop new skills that can read or answer questions using custom datasets form disk or via custom web services. Is it possible to do with any Mycroft platforms?

Yah That is what Mycroft is about :slight_smile: You can make skills that do whatever you want them to.

Look at at
And also there are good help at the mattermost canels.

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I have looked into the links you provided. The new skill documentation provides information on how to extend the intent_handler to support a wider range of inputs from user. But I need some examples on querying a new data source that is not available through publicly available API calls such as Wikipedia. I briefly read about the existing skills but could not find one that queries custom data source to answer user’s questions.

Well I cant be more specifik, as I am not a programmer :wink: But as far as I can tell the docs does tell how to make a skill, which takes one or more voice inputs and can make a reply.
Ofcause th logic on getting the right answer isnt specikly described, as it depends what sourses needed. The homeassistant skill for example is quering a homeassistant.

But I am sure someone else can pioint you in more specifik direction. Maybe @KathyReid ? She is always good for a answer :slight_smile:

The Cocktail skill queries an external database via webservice call - maybe you have a look into it…