Configuring wifi while picroft has already been set up

Hey there! I’m new to Mycroft and I have already set it up but not configured WiFi. I need to configure that file so WiFi works, but I’m already in the Mycroft stats screen. I don’t know how to get back to the setup dialog. If any of you can send me the setup code, that would be great! I’m currently using picroft.

Hey there,

Apologies, I’ve been on leave, but on Picroft the simplest way to add WiFi after the setup wizard has completed is to add your credentials to wpa_supplicant.conf, we’ve got a quick run-through here:

If your wifi just uses a basic pre-shared key this is as simple as typing in your SSID and password. If you’re connecting to a more complex or enterprise wifi setup, then there are a few more steps and it’s very dependent upon the network.

I successfully set up wifi after the setup wizard on first boot by using the sudo raspi-config command.

Just posting for other’s reference.