Configure Mycroft not to use any TTS engine or a dummy one

How can this be realized as i just want to drop the text file from a skill to a log file ore send it to another server for post processing.

Hello, using the script, you should be able to do exactly that. If you don’t want to interact on the host device, you would only need to run the service and skills processes. You can do this with a command like:

./ server > server.log & ./ skills > skills.log &
This will start the two processes as background jobs in the terminal and can be exited by closing the terminal or by running: kill $(jobs -p).

Hope this helps!

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An easy option is configure"espeak" as TTS and trick the command path to execute, instead of the real “espeak” executable, one script written by you that forwards the text to the remote server.

Thant is, when “espeak” is configured, mycroft executes, for each text, the command (see here):

espeak -v lang+voice sentence

you can write a script called “espeak” and execute whatever you need.


A more nice but complex option is to create your own TTS, based on the “espeak” one, to execute the command you prefer in the way you prefer.

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Good ideas to handle this. Thank you.