Configurable skills not showing up in Mycroft Home Skill Settings


I have installed Mycroft on a Rasperry Pi 3B+ running Raspian. I followed the linux installation instructions. My device is successfully paired, the default skills are working, and I have been able to successfully create custom skills. However, in my Mycroft Home account, no skills show up under skill settings.

I originally noticed this when trying to use the mycroft spotify skill, since it is necessary to authenticate my spotify account. However, I realized that none of my configurable skills (as defined by having a settingsmeta.json or settingsmeta.yaml) are showing up in Mycroft Home (such as mycroft-alarm, mycroft-weather, etc).

I believe that I can modify the spotify skill, and hardcode my account credentials, however I would not want to hardcode settings for every configurable skill that I install.

Any help would be appreciated.


You should wait a few minutes to skill settings to appear on You can “force” by restarting mycroft services or even the Rpi.
Anyway, it eventually will appear on

Thanks, I just ended up uninstalling and reinstalling Mycroft. I must’ve caused the problems myself by messing with the configuration files.

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