Conditional Commands and Concept of Time

Hi, I have a question for the Mycroft devs.(anybody else feel free to chime in as well though)

Is it planned to be able to tell Mycroft to take action based on a simple condition?
Also a way to let Mycroft know to wait to do something. Like 30 min from now, or 30 min from a certain condition.
If so, will this be a part of Mycroft’s “syntax” or will it be up to each individual skill to handle conditions and Time awareness?

“Hey Mycroft, if it is snowing wake me up 10 min earlier.”

Perhaps make a setting permanent with “from now on”
“Hey Mycroft, from now on, brew the coffee 5 min before my wake time.”

“Hey Mycroft, tell me to take a break in an hour.”
“Hey Mycroft, remind me to call Sam at 3:00”


Not sure why I just noticed this post. @seanfitz what do you think?

That’s a great idea. If it could extend to support popular to-do list applications (like Todoist), then your whole task list would suddenly be a lot more interesting!

I say Todoist because you can add a new task in the format "Remind me to call Sam at 3:00 and it will automatically assign the time to the task. You can do this with dates, recurring times/dates e.t.c. I’m a pretty big Todoist fan as you can see! :stuck_out_tongue: