Comprehensive mycroft.conf information

I am trying to get a handle on the available settings in the various mycroft.conf files. I can search the forum and google for hours and get a lot configuration snippets. This doesn’t give a complete picture. There are option and sub-options and further sub-options. What are the mandatory options and their sub-options. Are some of the options shown in examples necessary or are they just defaults that could be omitted? I suppose most of the guess work is with STT, TTS and wake words. The practice in some projects is to provide a complete configuration with commentary on each option and if the option itself is commented we know it is a default. I realize that json with its nested levels does lend itself very well to that method.

Where do I get the complete picture? The developers surely have this information.

A good starting point is here:

The Mycroft configuration manager was introduced recently and helps to change configuration without messing up the JSON:

And here is the default mycroft.conf which gives you a idea of most/all available settings:


Hey Robert, thanks for flagging this, as it’s not well documented yet. Basically everything is optional at the User and System level configs because it will pick up any necessary configurations from the Remote and Default level.

My aim is to rewrite the mycroft.conf documentation to include the options available, and some specific examples for common needs.

So it would be good to know what people want to know, or if you have configurations to share that you think would be useful for others.