Compatible Smart Devices


I am new here and still getting the hang of everything. I have been setting up my Picroft and want to put together a Christmas List. I looked and could not find a list of devices that work with the skills out there. Here is what I am looking for:

Smart Bulbs
Smart Plugs

I would like to be able to control the temp, the lights and various electronic devices like TVs etc with voice commands.

Hi Joe.

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Do you already use a smart home software? Maybe this is the way to go. Integrate several smart components in tools like fhem, home assistant or open hab.

For these smart home software components is an existing mycroft skill integration for controlling items by voice.

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I am not currently using smart home software. What do you reccomend?

That’s not easy to say, since it depends on …

  • check that the components you have (plan to buy) are supported natively or by modules, extensions, …
  • check how automation logic is implemented (yaml config, perl, php, ui clicking, …) - whatever you like more
  • are you a fan of scripting or ui clicking (business logic)
  • opensource, free, commercial products

I use a commercial software called ip-symcon (automation logic with php) for many years now but currently no skill exists for it, so it’s potential not the right software for you. I plan on implementing a skill for it wherever i’ve time for it.

Maybe you should check some websites which compare available smarthome software solutions.

As far i know Mycroft skills exist for

  • fhem
  • home assistant
  • openhab

Thank you. I have a lot of research to do.