Community is Back! (And Why It Went Down)

Hello All!

As many of you probably noticed, the Community site has been down for the last few days. Well, that has pretty much sucked in every way.

What’s the reason it went down? We had some power fluctuations in our datacenter, the host that community was sitting on didn’t like that and took a nose dive. We tried to recover the latest version of the site, but were unable to - so we were forced to restore from a backup.

Had this been another machine, where we had implemented fancy proxying and our current backup policy - the host failing wouldn’t have been a big deal. But, as can happen with young companies, we have had so much going on that the server wasn’t given sufficient attention.

Why is this a good thing? We’ve grown so fast and had lots of success, but as a result everyone is wearing multiple hats. Which can result in things like updating backups on older instances, and moving stuff that is running on old hosts falling to the wayside. But as a result of this, we’ve spent a great deal of time developing policies and practices around ensuring all of our infrastructure is constantly kept up to date moving forward.

We’re so grateful to have built such a great community so quickly and we want to ensure our community members that we have taken the steps in order to keep resources, like the forums, available even in the event of catastrophic server failure :slightly_smiling:.

NOTE: If you posted something that isn’t showing up on the site, I encourage you to repost it, as the backup was from the 20th (a few days before the issue). Please let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Thanks for your understanding, I’m sure folks will have lots of feedback, please keep it positive. Looking forward to picking back up where we left off!

UPDATE: There were some issues with Emails not being received from the site shortly after it come up, Email is now working properly.

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