Coding new skill for Mistal AI LLM - need some help with getting started

Hey everyone,

I am working with my daughter on a project to code a new OVOS skill to interact with Mistral AI (which is a LLM).

I’m thinking it will be called:

Before we jump in and set up a GitHub repo I want to confirm the naming convention. I’ve noticed that most skills are called ovos-skill-skillname, but the ChatGPT skill has “fallback” in the name (as in ovos-skill-fallback-chatgpt).

When should you add fallback to the name?


fallback skills are skills that do not have intents, instead they get the utterance to handle when no other skill matches


Is it a binary choice? E.g. with the Chat GPT skill, could it be a fallback if none of the intents match but also have an intent like “ask Chat GPT”?

Also, if it is a fallback skill, should that be part of the name?

Sorry for the noob questions, just want to start on the right foot.

You can do both and the Neon LLM Fallback Skill does this. Basically, you can think of the FallbackSkill as a normal skill but also with fallback handlers.

Conventionally yes, but technically it doesn’t matter as long as you extend the correct base class and implement at least one fallback handler.