CodeWraith's Debug Thread for Noobs

I do like Mycroft’s software. However, as with most open source projects, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. You might notice is it difficult to get a straight answer on debugging issues when you’re learning Mycroft, Git, Python, C++, Linux Administration, and maybe Raspberry Pi ALLLLLL at the same time.

Here’s the rules for this thread

  1. Clearly label the problem
  2. Clearly label the solution
  3. Clearly label the steps
  4. Clearly label the products affected + OS versions if necessary.

Keep it SHORT. One solution per post.

The unravelling threads of documentation here are a turn off and makes the product needlessly intimidating for noobs and frustrating for developers. There’s no cheat sheets or easy to read instructions in one place. This thread is an attempt to fix that and herd the squirrels.

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  1. Mycroft can’t recognize skills. How can I fix it?

  2. What methods can help fix this? There are a few.
    2a. MSM update. Run this command from your command prompt. Test the skill again.
    2b. If your skills seem to be running away and not being recognized, this is a drastic option. It won’t reinstall Mycroft but will refresh the key components of the install.
    2c. It is not always necessary to find an obscure line of code OR reinstall Mycroft. There are a lot of tools to help with bug fixes that are a little hard to spot. These tools above cover some of the middle-ground to fixing bugs that crop up during user modification.

  3. Affects Linux 18.04 and Picroft on Debian Stretch

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