Cloud9 IDE skill - initial steps

I have made the initial steps to get Cloud9 IDE installed localy on a Mycroft device.

The idea is to get an easy way for newbies, newcomers or people that dosnt have an IDE they like alreddy to be setup.
The Cloud9 is installed localy and has nothing to to whith Amazon AWS or any other online services. You are in total control.
Cloud9 have an integrated terminal, that gives a full shell acces to ypur device. That gives a simple way to integrate whith git to do pull and push. It also gives easy accces to run mycroft-cli-client or reading logs and use mycroft-msk etc.

How to install Cloud Nine Skill

  • Install Cloud Nine by …
msm install

Install will install sme exras on your device. That is nodejs, tmux and sqlite.
Initialazion will take quite some time and includes

  • git download of c9.core
  • compiling c9 node modules and extras
  • setting up workspace
    Duing install there is a lot of output in the log. It should however endup with the line “Cloud9 is up and running”

Cloud Nine skill connects to absolutly no online service. This is a local install to the complete IDE

How to remove Cloud Nine Skill

  • Remove Cloud Nine Skill by …
msm remove cloud-nine

After that delete /home/pi/.mycroft/skills/CloudNine and subfolders. Also delete /home/pi/,c9 and /home/pi/node-gyp

and if not needed by other skills

apt-get remove nodejs tmux sqlite3 node-sqlite3

How to test Cloud Nine

  • Does it install ?
  • Can you acces the local Cloud9 IDE at http://<hostname_of_your_device>:8080

Next ideas

  • What can be configured better at Cloud9 IDE to suit Mycroft skill devolepment better ?

Where feedback on Cloud Nine skill should be directed a

Please give feedback here, on Github issue or via Mycroft Chat.


Looks really interesting that Cloud9 IDE stuff. Will investigate…

Nice work, yet again buddy!

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  • Does it install ?
    Installed it on my dev environment where msm is not properly working so I had to change file ownership manually afterwards. Installation really takes some time (5-10 minutes) on a PiCroft.

  • Can you acces the local Cloud9 IDE at http://<hostname_of_your_device>:8080

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@j1nx and @dominik. Please se the theia ide skill to. It sems much better than cloud9 for the purpus of a local installer ide and I got most of i working.
Stuf Like Git integration is awsome, and language server, så lookup and hits when typing is helpfull. Also linting is working.