Clock and temperature on display

I would like to show the clock and the current temperature (get temp from weather site or google) on the display all the time.
Is something like that possible? I found this topic: Using display as clock? but I am not sure on how to implement that.

@Croontje currently, if you are on the mark 1, have the latest mycroft-core update, and latest skill-date-time, the clock should automatically display once you ask mycroft what time is it. To have the weather skill display as well, you will need to create your own skill, or modify either the weather skill or the date-time skill to be able to have both functionality. Sounds like it could be a fun project! If you wish to try implementing this yourself, take a look at both the weather skill and date-time skill to see how those were implemented.

How do I update my mark? I would have thought it would be automatic. If it is, the time is displaying the wrong time zone.

You are right that it should be updated automatically, however a few of the earlier mark 1’s were shipped with an old GPG key which would prevent an auto update. You can check the version of your mycroft-core by doing this command

apt list --installed |grep mycroft-core

If it is not the latest update, which should be 0.8.20 at this point in time, then it is probably not auto updating, and it might be because you have an old GPG key with it. To fix that do this command

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys F3B1AA8B

Now the GPG key should be updated and auto update nightly whenever a new stable is realeased.

To manually update you can do this,

sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get install mycroft-core

NOTE* this is only valid for Mark 1’s and Picroft.

For Desktop, just make sure you are always git pulling masters for latest stable.

Hope this helps