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Hello, i’ve just seen this amazing project. I’ve just a question about this. Can mycroft be deployed as client server architecture?
I’ve read in 10 minutes the get started so i can be out of the way. In order to deploy as client server mycroft i need to setup the mycroft core on the server, right? There’s a docker image for that?

you probably want to check ovos-docker and hivemind

start here

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I’ve got a related interest. I’ve got a couple Mycroft Mark IIs that I was always planning to run in an airgapped fashion, running the server components in my owner container infrastructure and having the devices just running the client.

Just today I picked it back up and I’ve got the latest Neon running on the device, but it seems like Neon’s intention is to run the whole software stack on the device. I’m trying to figure out what my software stack would look like if I wanted to get a Mark II running as a hivemind client, but with a functional UI. Quick peek through docs and forum and I don’t see any mention of anyone running hivemind client/satellite on a Mycroft device. Curious if anyone has pointers on pulling something like this off.

End goal is getting all of the heavy lifting off of the device to shorten the response time for most skills and maybe even the voice interpretation.

This is possible, but to my knowledge no one has done it yet. There are reference architectures for running a central assistant stack in containers for both OVOS and Neon. You’d then need to get a base OS on the Mark 2 with the SJ-201 drivers - that’s required for the touchscreen and audio components. Once you have the OS and drivers installed you could run HiveMind (OVOS) with the GUI in a container or directly on the device.

The best place to start is probably Neon’s DebOS repository, which has recipes for installing the SJ-201 drivers and other components. OVOS’s RaspOVOS repo has a branch where they’re working on getting Mark 2 support going, but it’s not quite there yet.

Please do share if you get it going! I think many of us have similar thoughts and would love to set up their assistants like this.

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Thank you! DebOS looks like a great resource to look into. Will definitely update if I get any meaningful progress before I get too distracted and shelf it again.