Choppy Voice Playback

Hey I got Mycroft up and running on Mac with an Ubuntu VM.
The microphone works, application wakes on hearing “hey mycroft” and records properly and even gives me a written response in the console but the audio that plays back is all choppy - including when I asked the application to play NPR news, I could hear a voice that wasn’t Mycroft’s reciting the news, albeit very choppy. Any help is appreciated.


Welcome aboard! The npr news skill simply connects to an online npr stream that is why it is not Mycrofts voice. As far as the choppy sounds it could be the resources allocated to the VM. I don’t know the system requirements for mycroft but this could be where the issue is.

Right - I meant to say that both the Mycroft voice playback and the NPR news playback were choppy, to indicate that maybe it’s a higher level problem - I have the virtual RAM set to 1024 MB and the virtual hard disk set to 10GB. Seems like enough resources…? It’s not a huge issue as I’ll be switching to a Picroft soon but it is annoying as I’m trying to do some tests before I make the switch - thanks for ur input.

Hi @SpiritWalker,
1024MB/1GB RAM assignment might be a bit low for Ubuntu (with GUI) and Mycroft. If your host system allows you might want to increase RAM assignment (2GB - or even better - 4GB). Also it might help when you can assign more than one CPU core to the VM.

I have my Mycroft development environment running on Ubuntu 18.04 / Virtualbox hosted on a Mac Mini with “Core-i5” CPU (4 cores/8 hyperthreads) with 4GB RAM and 2 cores (4 hyperthreads) assigned to it.

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Thanks - I reinstalled the Ubuntu VM with 4GB of RAM and the voice playback works now. I don’t know if it was the increased allocation or the clean install but it works :stuck_out_tongue: - not sure why the NPR playback is still really choppy. Not a huge deal personally, but it is odd…

Hey, curious about the News Skill, was it all the streams that had choppy audio or just one?