Choose your own adventure... On Mycroft! 📑

What started out as a fun idea (much like Mycroft itself) will soon be in development to ship along with Mycroft! The idea is a game you interact with through speech, Mycroft will read a scenario to you, and then give you options, you will respond with the option you like the best and before you know it you are off on an adventure with your custom audiobook. We are looking into doing voices and sound effects to compliment the story, but are still in the early stages of this fun function that I am excited to share! Do you have any ideas on games we could add to Mycroft?I look forward to hearing from all of you! :grinning:

UPDATE: This feature will no longer ship with Mycroft :pensive:


What about madlibs?


That is an AWESOME idea! I will talk to @ryanleesipes about incorporating it! :smile:

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What about allowing users to create their own and upload them to a server with a collection of them? So for instance:

-“Mycroft, help me make an audio game”
“Describe your surroundings”
-“You are in a dark room with items scattered on the floor.”
“What can you do?”
-“You can turn on the light switch, or clear a path and then walk to the light switch.”
“What happens if you walk to the light switch?”
-“You trip and fall and the game is over”
“What happens if you clear a path and then walk to the light switch?”
-“You clear a path, walk to the switch, and turn on the lights. You win the game.”


I’m sure there will be an interest of people wanting to play some of the old ‘text adventure’ games in audio form. I’m sure it wouldn’t be very hard to port them to Mycroft either. Just have to make sure you’re not breaching copyright by doing it.

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It’d be quite easy to port old MUDD time games and the like to Mycroft methinks. I find this line of thinking fascinating, because of the many possibilities.

Trivia games would also be quite good candidates for the platform.

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Having a Mycroft skill which plays interactive fiction from the IF archive would indeed be doable and rather fun, I think; use the frotz basic text mode, and done, roughly.

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Since I’m very young I didn’t have this type of game, but it reminded me of the game in BIG with Tom Hanks

If you’ve purchased it (or gotten it free) on Google Play:

Same clip on an old tube screen:

Dungeons and Dragons possibly? :smiley:


Mycroft could be the DM, and you could play with your friends all over the world.


Yup, testing this with Frotz’s “dumb mode”, which outputs direct to stdout with no curses module etc, and piping the output into flite, it’s possible. A better IF interface, designed for Mycroft, would likely be an improvement of course!

git clone
cd frotz
make dumb
#!/usr/bin/env python
# the world's most stupid broken TTS IF player
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, call
from fcntl import fcntl, F_GETFL, F_SETFL
from os import O_NONBLOCK, read
import time
p = Popen(["./dfrotz", "../Cloak.z5"], shell=False, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE)
# set the O_NONBLOCK flag of p.stdout file descriptor:
flags = fcntl(p.stdout, F_GETFL) # get current p.stdout flags
fcntl(p.stdout, F_SETFL, flags | O_NONBLOCK)
while True:
        output = read(p.stdout.fileno(), 1024)
        print output
        call(["flite", "-voice", "slt", "-t", output])
    except OSError:
        # the os throws an exception if there is no data
    if output and output.endswith(">"):
        p.stdin.write(raw_input("Text:") + "\n")
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randomly generated dungeon and dragons adventures that follow the rules so that mycroft will became the dungeon master that will be cool