Chatterbox, mycroft based DIY assistant for kids kickstarter is LIVE!

Hello all, i am very proud to announce that chatterbox kickstarter is now live!

Chatterbox is a DIY smart speaker for kids based on mycroft that I’ve been working on for the past year. We believe the future is voice driven AI and we’re building Chatterbox to prepare kids for that future.

i am excited to answer any questions you might have about it, please support our kickstarter by backing it today and by sharing it with friends, family and on social media!

grab those super early birds while you can, as a token of our gratitude, we will be giving out a custom made Chatterbox t-shirts to anyone who shares the kickstarter campaign with their friends and family on Facebook (added bonus if you share on other media outlets!). If there’s a time to listen to that FOMO voice in your head, it’s now!

None of this would be possible without mycroft, thank you all!!


Backed, and it’s gotten well over 100% funded already!


Backed, its about time for my kids to learn Englisch :smile:


Congratulations on such a great start to the campaign!

Can’t wait to get mine… I mean my kid’s… :wink: