Chat Client for Mycroft

I am currently able to run my custom skills on an EC2 instance running Ubuntu. Post starting the mycroft services, one needs to write everything on the Terminal and the debug output too is displayed there. Can I have this on something like a single page web application that runs on the browser like this WebSockets - JavaScript Application Any help towards this would be appreciated Also what does this do?
GitHub - pcwii/testing_stuff: Just Testing Functions

do you need the debug output as well or just the answears of mycroft (everything mycroft would speak out loud)?

I need my Vocab Input and Mycroft dialogs too. I am not seeking to even speak it aloud. something like user types on the browser: What is the weather? and the Mycroft’s response too is displayed on the browser

i wrote a telegram skill:
You can write mycroft something and you get the spoken answear as text back via telegram (mycroft is mutet for responses to telegram if you configure this at

Looks like this:

i use it with and the telegram app on my smartphone

Telegram doesn’t show up on Skills on

in fact I can see only 4 skills there. Date & Time, Installer, News Player and Weather

You need to install the skill with the custom installer first

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Thanks a lot. Using the Telegram Skill that you built, I was able to have a Chat interface and successfully have my custom built skills respond back to the user. :smiley:


Great to hear! Thank you