Changing wakeword - to sentisive

I did change voice to Amy and wanted to change wakeword as well.

I changed to Hey Alice - HH EY . AE L IH S .

But then she does react on nearly any sound in the room…

So what could I do - change to another wakeword - but a femaile name would be preferable. Anyone has a good wakeword ?

Hi @andlo there are a couple of options here that you have for adjusting the sensitivity. You could change the Wake Word, but keep in mind the neural network behind Mycroft has been deliberately trained on Hey Mycroft so this will give the best results.

This documentation takes you through changing the sensitivity of the Wake Word and the Wake Word itself:

Please let us know how you go,
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Super thanks. Just what I were looking for.

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Glad we could help!

Let us know how you go :slight_smile:

When Precise goes live we’ll be able to train it on additional wakewords using a neural network. Hold on for further updates in the next few weeks.


I got something working changing THRESHOLD to 1e-20

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That’s great, thanks for confirming. As @J_Montgomery_Mycroft mentioned, we’ll be updating the Wake Word software in the coming weeks to make it even better.

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