Changing voice response

What is the procedure to change voice response from UK to US ?

Would you please provide a little more information? Are you looking for a voice with an American accent instead of a British accent?

Also, which device and software version are you using?

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I would like to change from UK to US accent. I am using a Pi 3B and software version 21.2.2

You’re working with Mycroft, which is unfortunately no longer operating, so the Mycroft docs on changing the voice will be your best help there.

If you’re interested in moving to a fork of Mycroft that is actively maintained with broad current community support for changing TTS voices, I’d recommend you look into OVOS. The RaspOVOS image is similar to Picroft but runs newer versions of all software.

Docs for RaspOVOS: Installing an Image - OVOS User Documentation
How to change the voice on OVOS: Mike Gray | Configuring Local TTS (the Changing Configuration section is most relevant)

I don’t have a post for just changing voices yet, my apologies, but I can add that to the list.

Happy to help further if you decide to implement OVOS!