Change settings by voice

I’ve just had an idea of a feature that could be interesting…

I live in France, and I am about to visit the company I work with near San Antonio, Texas. So I have manually set my Mycroft for the local time zone (I’ll be taking it with me).

It would be nice to be able to tell it hey Mycroft, we are in San Antonio, or hey Mycroft, we are in Paris etc… And have it adapt its location automatically, thus providing the proper weather information for example - or anything that is location-dependent.

It’s just an idea but I figured it was worth sharing :slight_smile:
And I guess this could work for other settings too of course.

Great idea @Old-Lodge-Skins
This is entirely possible, for example on the Mark 1 Device you can say a command like:

“Set the eye color to orange”

And Mycroft’s eyes will turn to orange. This value is also uploaded to the server, so that the server “knows” what color to make Mycroft’s eyes next time around.

Best, Kathy

i like the idea of changing settings by voice, as long as its designed in a way invalid ones are not allowed

for location, i made a skill that keeps it updated by scanning wifi networks


Interesting, @Jarbas_Ai!
I’ve installed it but it doesn’t seem to work yet. I don’t really have time to look further into it though, as I leave for Texas tomorrow, so I’ll check it out again in a few days.

@derick-mycroft Might be something you are interested in.