Chaining Mycroft Dialog


I have been messing with Mycroft’s skills and noticed that all skills are launched by a single phrase with no additional dialog after the initial skill execution (apart from the “stop” for podcast-type skills). I couldn’t find an example or a not-hacky way to create a chain of dialog. By this, I mean, a conversation-based skill where the initiation of the skill locks a user to it and processes additional dialog and requests as needed.

An example would be maybe reading an internet article. “Mycroft, what’s new on CNN?” -> “Here are the top ten articles on CNN: <1,2,3…,10>” -> "Read article: " -> “Title, Author, Body”. Optional: “stop” like the podcasts to go back to general phrase processing by Mycroft.

Am I missing that this is doable already? If so, direct me to that documentation or an example?
If not, is it in the works? Why or why not?


A context engine is in the works for Mycroft. It will allow you to do something similar to what you are describing above. You can watch this video for more details

i have worked on a convese method and intent layers to give state to skillls

  • intercept utterances inside skill and handle them

  • activate and deactivate intents easily

  • know if an intent will be triggered and by which skill

however this is all non standard and requires hacking around a bit :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for the details!