Can't sign up to mycroft-ai website

Hi everyone,

I’m having so real trouble creating a new account on the mycroft ai website (Mycroft AI Single Sign On). I can’t sign up with any of the proposed social media account. When I try to sign up via email, it just hangs forever at the following message “adding you to our community” or something like that…

Anyway, can someone please tell me when will I be able to create a new account?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear that you having trouble creating an account.

We haven’t yet had this reported by others, so unsure of what might be happening. To enable us to replicate the issue, what operating system and browser you are using?

Hi !

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04. I tried sign up via Mozilla Firefox 68.0.2, Google Chrome 76.0.3809.132, Opera 63.0.3368.53 and Brave Browser I tried to disable extensions on Firefox. Didn’t work either unfortunately. I barely have any extensions or not at all for all others browsers.

Just gave it a run through on Firefox 68.0.2 without a problem so that’s certainly not it.

So to make sure I’m not assuming anything you enter an email and password, accept the privacy policy and terms of use, then the final confirmation brings a message at the bottom about “adding you to the community”, but just hangs there. No other error message pops up?

Have you tried to login using the credentials you provided? Would be interesting to know if the account got created and it was the interface that failed. You could also try the “Forgot password” button on the login page which will email you and state whether your account exists or not.

If that hasn’t worked it would be good to go through the sign up again, and see if any error messages are being sent to the browser console. For Firefox you can open this with (Ctrl+Shift+K).

Apologies that this is happening, its not something I’ve seen before so hope we can get it resolved quickly.

I don’t know why but right now sign up with email worked for me! It did not hangs forever.
Now I can get started!

Thanks for the support gez-mycroft!

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Just glad it worked :smile:

Welcome to the Community!!